From an inspired beginning in 2001, our advertising agency has always been creatively driven to spark forward-thinking marketing solutions for local and international firms. The key is in providing an unsurpassed service from the process of conception to implementation. We are built around a client-care concept, where a friendly and personalized approach is adopted. This fuels fluid communication, which effectively allows us to customize a relevant “total-solution marketing package” for our clients.
The term “thinking out of the box” is overused. For us there is NO box, as creative vision is unlimited! The germination of an idea with a client is where our experienced team enthusiastically steps in to create ingenious new concepts designed to create a big stir.
The process does not end with a great concept. We then support the client in planning cost-effective and profitable marketing strategies that will kickstart new marketing plans.
From start to finish we passionately guide the client smoothly through the whole process with our team accessible every step of the way.
Brilliant ideas are made workable. Money invested in the creative process is transformed into visible profits. The client and every part of the process matters.
This is Kenzi’s compass.